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news from developer

07.04.2016Calceuro and Calcdollar modified with maximum profit
Affili payments set to 30 days intervall
Affili bonus set to 1 D€ to prevent user to ruin exchange ;-)
29.03.2016Affili bonus is flexible now, depends on c-cex exchange
13.02.2016Add how.html
12.02.2016Add BTC / DEUR graph
20.01.2016Scrypt wallet out of sync. Difficulty to high (99). We wait for finding next block ;-)
Add 2 more scrypt miner to find blocks faster.
17.01.2016Affili bonus reduced to 1 DigiEuro. (more than 25.000 affili partner)
10.01.2016Rename zahlungen.html to payments.html
transaction.html (payments) modified for more privacy
09.01.2016zahlungen.html (payments) modified for more privacy
Add search to #transaction.
Update #deurexchange USD for non european / EUR for european visitor
07.01.2016Add express payment for affili partner earning more than 2.000D€.
06.01.2016Update #deurexchange USD added
05.01.2016TOR IP database created for protecting affili system from tor network.
Modified affili system. Increase to 5D€. Maximal payment 2.000 D€ per interval.
Update #deurexchange
Scrypt payouts only 5D€ or lower if exchange price is to low. (Lottery is paid to clean queue)
04.01.2016DigiEuro Scrypt lottery temporarily disabled
Affili system restart after attack on t2.asp
Add better fuzzy algorithm to affili system
Add countdown to german website for launching DigiEuro shops.
Fixed vulnerability. The POODLE Attack (CVE-2014-3566) + Clickjacking. Thanks to @Abderrazak !
We deliver now all windows scrypt wallets without mining (gen=0). Difficulty to high !
Add more hashpower to SHA256 to keep network alive.
We have now 2 lotteries (Scrypt and SHA256).
04.01.2016New subroutine to prevent low prices on DigiEuro scrypt exchange.
02.01.2016Working on SHA256 website.
Inititial credit stopped (user offer to low at exchange).
01.01.2016Happy new year !
29.12.2015Decrease affili bonus. More than 200.000D€ daily was to much.
24.12.2015Stopped 3 weeks long attacks on server (affili system).
30.11.2015Create new Scrypt wallet. Developer of SHA256 wallet quit business.

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