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Win daily: 1 X 10.000 D€  3 X 5.000 D€  5 X 2.000 D€  10 X 1.000 D€  20 X 500 D€  30 X 100 D€  40 X 50 D€  50 X 10 D€ (lottery)


You can pay your online orders with DigiEuro. ¹

  DigiEuro is fast and free.

  DigiEuro is easy and anonymous.

  DigiEuro is safe and installed on your local computer.

You manage your deposit on your computers.

You can receive or send payments in seconds.

You can spread your balance on several wallets.

One DigiEuro (1 D€ DEUR) has the value of one Euro (1 € EUR). ¹

For example if you have to pay 99 €, you can pay with 99 D€. ¹

With our affiliate system you can earn more DigiEuro.
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  Own use for shopping at participating acceptance locations.

  Uncomplicated , free and anonymous reception of payments for services of all kinds.

  Easy, free and anonymous sending payments for services of all kinds.

  Customer loyalty by bonus payments in DigiEuro.

  Rewarding employees.

  Fast anonymous payment transactions among themselves.

DigiEuro is a smart Crypto Currency.

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¹ at participating acceptance locations / shops


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