The main points raised here show that music evolves over time. Software development methods evolve similarly.

Corporate IT applications can be considered as being the equivalent of Record Company back catalogues. Some catalogues are diverse covering many genres and some are specialised. There will always be tension between the suits and the artists.

The trends in the work place point to a change coming where C-Suite suits are taking an interest in ML/AI applications. This will lead to a development method that will be business led and IT will have to respond. The process will be different to the computing trends so far. IT will have to deliver faster, perhaps at the speed a song plays.

My preferred perspective is that IT should support business sales divas and order books in the way that soundtracks support movies. Focussing on IT projects misses the key business drivers. Is it necessary to be like “Star Wars” and commission a Korngold style soundtrack or is it better to follow the “2001 – A Space Odyssey” approach and use mostly pre-recoded tunes? (The tone poem example [pg 9] is a musical depiction of the personal transformation that  app development company Nietzsche describes in chapter 1 of “Thus Sprake Zarathustra” The human spirit transforms from beast of burden/camel to leader/lion to creator/child)

The World Economic Forum ranks creativity as the #1 in-demand skill in (2019).

My point is that focussing on web software development company Digital Transformation does not provide people with growth opportunities. Personal Transformation is more life affirming.

The studio method is a contender as a replacement way of work. Movies are the modern day equivalent of opera and, as you know, opera is the Italian word for work. I say contender because I cannot predict with certainty how the trends will develop. There are other areas that are not addressed here.How to php development company persuade people change is required and they can benefitHow to set business in the context of the seven stages of life.Provide the World Economic Forum in-demand skills. (Bauhaus to BAU)How to evolve the Studio method to appeal to owners and workers.How to reduce the time of agile system delivery.Which types of studio are needed? Blockbuster, TV Soap, Art-house, Disney?

Like the Thus Sprake Zarathustra tone poem I leave the situation unresolved…

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