Have you seen the movie Three Extremes wherein Chinese actress Bai Ling played an unlicensed midwife who makes dumplings from aborted fetus and even from sheep placenta? In this movie, rich women believed that by consuming this type of food will reverse the signs of aging.

It is like a liver that comes out with the baby. It is a blood vessel that has been developed inside a mother’s womb during pregnancy obagi vietnam . This lines the uterus and protects the fetus which is securely attached to the umbilical cord. Placenta is expelled naturally when giving birth.

According to Dr. Peter Chew, a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, says that even there are some who eats placenta he never had any patients who asked to keep theirs. Placenta is full of hormones that could surely make any one’s complexion fair and flawless. That is why many cosmetic industries now include it in their products. They make soaps, creams, and even pills and it dramatically reached sky high when it comes to demand of the production from the market.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) experts, it was for almost 2,500 years ago since people started eating it. It is believed that it can rejuvenate cells of the body, anti-aging, lethargy and even can increase the breast milk production of the mothers. It is also claimed by many Chinese doctors and herbalist that it could protect the body against terminal diseases.

Though it has been used to help cure many diseases; many cosmetic manufacturers have started using it as their main component in making facial creams, lotion, and even make up. By including this controversial after birth thing on beauty products, it has been proven and tested to be low risk when it comes to allergic reactions. In fact, many dermatologists and even cosmetic surgeon have started to prescribe their patients products made from sheep placenta.

This has been proven to be high in antioxidants, rich in Vitamin A and C which are all the main source of anti aging products all over the world. It was also reported that it could not only make your complexion fair and flawless but it could also help prevent diseases such as AIDS or HIV, liver malfunctions, brain disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, heart diseases, diabetes, various cancers and even male infertility.

So the next time you think about beauty and beauty products, think twice about getting the right thing. Why settle for anything less when in sheep placenta made products you will not only get the complexion and youth you want but it will also protects you against terminal diseases.